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Today, I happened to pass by my favorite library and thought of the times which I would spend there. The library has an old-world charm of its own complete with the music of silence and quite old books with their powerful pages that are waiting to be touched. During my schooling days, I would sit and browse the numerous titles that were available on the shelves. Sometimes, I would even complete my assignments in the quiet confines of the room. The librarian was my next best friend! Somehow, I preferred books to friends.

Later during college, as I took my initial steps towards a career in writing, my moments with the beautiful books only increased. At times, when I was alone and needed direction, a book in hand was all that it took to give me company. Time would fly and each passing narrative about the story would enrapture me. The characters in the story would transport me to another level of heightened state of excitement and delusion. I would end up discussing the characters with whomever, cared to give me their ear!

The library is a haven of creativity with its treasury of the most cherished resources such as books especially when you are looking for that perfect word to express or make a strong impact on the minds of your readers. For those users, with a busy schedule, the Internet is the new age answer to the library. There are multitudes of electronic versions of books, also known as e-books ranging from classics to technology and from travel to the paranormal and from home decoration to health to home and ancient manuscripts. However, the e-book may have its limitations in terms of the number of pages a user can access or the availability of certain e-books due to various reasons. Sometimes the user also has to pay a small fee and become a member to access the e-books. Whereas, in the case of libraries, once you become a member, the access is unlimited.

Some libraries do use an automated method for managing the books including issuing, renewals, lost/damaged books, categorization, and so on. You can type a part of the word or title of the book. The system searches the database and returns with the matching results. However, for a writer, whether professional or novice, where every word counts, the library has its own special offerings. It gives you the privilege of accessing and researching information that is beyond the reach of the internet. Where else, would you get to see a real and ancient manuscript in the state that it is actually? On the other hand, how about browsing the pages of an old yet, rare to get the version of the book you have been waiting to read but could not get.

As a writer or communication specialist, research forms an integral part of the writing. You are expected to brim with original ideas that cater to the sensibility of the reader and need to support your writing with enough background details such as history, scope, or characteristics. You are expected to know and understand the nuances of the language that you are using to write. For this purpose, reading is essential. As you read, you are exposed to the various styles of writing that were introduced by writers from various regions and continents. You can also select the specific theme around which you want to write.

You can also overcome the strange phase of creative block wherein, sometimes your imagination takes a break. Your mind starts to explore beyond the set horizons of imagination and the same is reflected in the way you express your thoughts or emotions. After you read an interesting article or story, try to write a story on a similar theme in your own words. You should ensure that you try to use as many suitable words as possible. Then, get the piece of writing reviewed or checked by your nearest friend and see the impact the writing has on the reader. You would know the difference that reading makes to writing. No matter how easily, you can access the Internet; the novelty of the library is here to stay.

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