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Books are still a primary source of knowledge even with the advent of the Internet and other methods of research. Books in all subjects are being released to keep up with the changes in particular fields. One such field that requires continuous knowledge is the field of medicine.

Students studying to become doctors are benefiting a lot from these medical books. Libraries in medical schools and colleges house a number of medical books that can to be useful to anyone in the field of medicine. Even the most knowledgeable doctors need to keep themselves updated with all the innovations in the fields of medicine and technology. Books can keep all the doctors updated on the rapid changes that can be seen in the medical field.

Most libraries have a reference section that does not allow books to be taken out of the library. All the reference books are those that the library cannot afford to loan because of limited stock. However, members can sit in the reference section and make notes to their heart’s content from these reference books.

Reference sections are a boon to those who cannot afford to buy all the bulky and expensive medical books. Since books bought in school are useful only for that year or semester, many prefer to borrow them from the library instead of spending an exorbitant amount on the books every year. The reference section has a good ambience that can be utilized to pick up a book and make notes with least disturbance.

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