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Welcome to Cephas Library. This website is one of many others by Cephas Ministry Inc. since 1992. We offer hundreds Audio Cassettes, CDs (mp3) and DVDs which can be made from any video by subject matter.

We are a nonprofit Foundation for the purpose of educating Christians about the false teachings that they are confronted with. We document what we have found with a classic collection of teachings on audio cassettes, CDs (mp3) and DVDs by wellknown authors often unavailable anywhere else. All items are $0 costs plus postage $3.50@. For items in multiples $0.50 @ is added for each extra disk for shipping.

Our phone:
303 452 1104 (24/7). (leave a message we'll get back to you)
The mailings are USPS mail.

Subject matter: The Gospel, False Prophets, Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, Cults , Social Issues, The New World Order and more. We are a nonprofit library and have permission under the copyright law to reproduce information for educational purposes. None of the library items are for sale.

The documentaries prove Bible Prophecy fulfilled on a daily basis which is very exciting for Christian believers. The Biblical promises of World Peace, RECONSTRUCIION, by unifying all countries from a political, economical and religious perspective are becoming a reality which means that the Bible is true. Today there is no excuse. As I was told just a moment ago: "Don't play Russian Roulette with your future in heaven. The Rapture will come upon us like a snare, suddenly, any time and if you are not ready, you will have to undergo the coming Tribulation."

We love the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son, who ultimately led us to the truth and forgave our sins by giving His life for ours and He was raised from death to eternal life, which is promised to us as well if we practice what the Bible teaches. We pray for your salvation and that the truth WILL SET YOU FREE. God be with you.

The orders are shipped asap hopefully within two days depending on size. The disks have to be created.

We invoice and hope you will reimburse us for postage and material $3.50 @.
Call or email or send the order to us with
Phone# 303 452 1104
Email the order to: original@cephas-notes.com
Address to send order to:
PO Box 351944
Westminster Co 80035-1944
Always include your shipping address, phone and email address if you have one.

To research is to begin to live in reality rather than fantasy. The material we offer will change your life.

May the Lord inspire you to learn from wonderful teachers who have been at your service for some years and dedicated their lives to keep you safe.

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Cephas Ministry Inc.
PO Box 351944
Westminster CO 80035-1944
phone: 303 452 1104
email: r421@earthlink.net